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Your Duties As An Employer

Workplace Pensions Direct has already helped thousands of employers comply with the legislation. We are now helping employers with re-enrolment and also taking over existing solutions to manage them on an ongoing basis.

Every employer in the UK has a responsibility to comply with the law on auto-enrolment. If you employ staff, you’ll have to assess them for eligibility, choose a suitable pension scheme, set that scheme up and provide all of the administration and implementation every payroll cycle. These duties are not optional, and you could face penalties of up to £500 per day if you don’t comply. This is NOT a one time only process, the law also requires you to do this every 3 years, that is called Re-Enrolment.

What are your options? 

You could Do-it-yourself.  

Just like calculating year end tax returns, you could choose to do it yourself, rather than using an accountant. 

You need to read the Pensions Regulator’s detailed guidance and implement it correctly.

The work may then take you around two full days of your time to comply. You run the risk of fines if you fail. 

You always need to be confident in the knowledge that your business is always compliant with the legislation – you are required by law to do this on a month by month basis. You could receive a spot audit check at any time. 

Ask your Business Adviser/Payroll Professional to do it.

You will need a payroll adviser and a pension adviser. 

The costs may be greater and the risk still remains with you to get fully compliant. You have to be confident in the knowledge that the pension scheme chosen is right for you and your staff to prevent complaints from unhappy employees in years to come.

We already work with hundreds of accountants/payroll professionals and advisers who choose to outsource the work to us so that we can guarantee your compliance.

Alternatively, Workplace Pensions Direct can do it for you - expert, experienced, and insured.


We’re specialists in auto-enrolment compliance, and have prevented many employers being fined by The Pensions Regulator. If you are having compliance issues please contact us for an initial chat. Unfortunately if you have already been fined or have a fine pending, Workplace Pensions Direct will not be able to reverse it.


We offer a range of fully compliant pension schemes for you to find one that is suitable for you and your staff. We check whether it will accept all your staff, how much it will cost, whether it uses the best tax relief method for your staff and whether it will work with your payroll.


Outsource your key auto-enrolment responsibilities to Workplace Pensions Direct. From employee communication and payroll setup, to completing your declaration of compliance. We remove the time, worry and cost from auto-enrolment.


We’ll keep you compliant for good. In conjunction with WPD Payroll, Workplace Pensions Direct will process joiners, leavers, opt ins, opt outs and any company or government rule changes. Our dedicated support team will make sure you’re always kept fully aware and updated.

Got a question?

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We can help if you’re:

  • Past your staging date
  • Currently being fined for missing your duties
  • Struggling with an existing pension scheme
  • Worried about non compliance penalties